Sex Fetish

There are too many Sex fetishes to mention and there probably isn’t one person that can name each and every one.
There are mainstream types of fetishes that most people know of, such as:

  • BDSM
  • foot fetish
  • smoking fetish
  • femdom
  • Control games

But there are so many fetishes that most normative people have never heard of, and if they would ever hear of them, there would be no way they would ever forget it.

Here are some stranger and underground types of fetishes:

  • Hairy bush
  • balloon popping fetish
  • Rubber mast fetish
  • Cuckold fetish
  • Adult baby fetish

There are many more types of fetishes, many of them are semi or very illegal so i will not mention them here and hope no one of you will ever try them.

All of the above fetishes are available in some sort of adult site.

For example: Most sex fetishes can be reinacted on adult webcam sites with camgirls that state that they are into that type of fetish.
Another thing you can do is find a porn pay site with the specific type of fetish you are looking for.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right site for your specific type of fetish.